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How to register a sipgate account on the Draytek 2820vn

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How to register a sipgate account on the Draytek 2820vn

Postby Deathlok » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:31 pm

This problem drove me nuts for several weeks after I first got this device. Sipgate and Draytek did not have a solution between them. Eventually I solved the problem myself. Details of the solution follow :)

On your Draytek router do the following;
1) Nat settings: Add a UDP forward on port 5060 to port 5060 and send it to the internal IP address of your router

2) Set up your sipgate account as follows
    VOIP >> SIP Accounts and into Index 1 (assuming this is the first account)
    Profile name: Whatever you want
    Register via: Auto
    SIP port: 5060
    Proxy: (do not use the FQDN it will not work, trust me!)
    Display Name: Whatever you want
    Account number/Name: Sipgate account number
    Check the box for authentication ID
    Authentication ID: Sipgate account number
    Password: Your sipgate account number password
    Expiry time: 10 minutes
    NAT Traversal: None
    Ring port: Check the box which corresponds to which port you plugged your BT plug into
    Ring pattern: Whatever you want
3) VoIP >> Phone Settings
    Select "Symmetric RTP"
    RTP Port start: 16384
    RTP Port end: 16482
    RTP TOS: IP Precedence 5
    Phone1 settings (under index 1)
    SIP URL:
    Enable Call waiting and Call Transfer
    Codec: G.711A
    Packet size 20ms
    Select "play dial tone only when account registered" (handy for knowing if you are registered when you pick up the phone to make a call)
    Click the "Advanced" button
    Tone Settings: UK
    Caller ID type: FSK_ETSI(UK)
    DTMF Mode: SIP INFO (nortel format)

Hopefully this will work for you.
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