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Outlook Web App "options" error 503

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Outlook Web App "options" error 503

Postby Deathlok » Mon May 14, 2012 10:03 am

If when trying to access your Out of Office or indeed anything under "options" when using the Outlook Web App, you get an "error 503 service unavailable"

- If the user is using "http" and not "https" this may trigger the error.
- If the above is not the case then on the Exchange 2010 server, bring up IIS and go to "Application Pools" from the left hand menu.
From there look at all the Exchange related Application pools.
1) Make sure that they are all running under the LocalSystem account
2) Ensure that all the Exchange services are set to .NET v2.0 and Integrated
2) If any are stopped, start them up again

In my case, the MSExchangeECPAppPool was stopped which was causing the 503 error when users tried to access "options" after successfully logging into their mailbox via OWA
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