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How to remove "My Way Search Assistant"

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How to remove "My Way Search Assistant"

Postby Deathlok » Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:28 pm

Whether you installed this accidentally or not, there is no easy way to remove this via the usual route of add/remove programs. However, this tip might just work for you.

* Click 'Start' in the bottom left hand corner of the taskbar or the Microsoft symbol if running Vista/Windows 7
* Click 'Run' then copy and paste 'msiexec.exe /x{78d944d7-a97b-4004-ab0a-b5ad06839940}' into the text window
* If running Vista or Windows 7 copy and paste what is within single quotes above into the search bar
* Hit enter, click yes if it prompts, and after a few moments it should be gone.
* To be sure, go to 'Add remove programs' or 'Programs and features' for Vista/Windows 7, it should no longer be there as a program item.
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